Bloomfield offers precise, objective and accurate plant-level health and performance assessments, continuously and at any scale.

Visual plant-level health and performance assessments are fundamental to specialty crop farming.


Decisions that growers frequently make to manage crops on target for quality yields rely on looking at as many plants as possible as often as possible to assess overall health and performance.


Assessment challenges and limitations exist for every specialty crop grower.


No matter how well trained and highly motivated, the visual assessment of crops is subjective, limited in coverage and inconsistent, not to mention that human memory cannot be systematically revisited for future analysis. Equally important, plant health and performance can vary widely, leaving the sampling process of most assessment regimes vulnerable to misinterpretation.


Bloomfield’s automated analysis provides objective, precise and comprehensive visual health and performance assessments of every plant continuously.


Bloomfield is a continuous service for observing, assessing and managing specialty crops for quality yields by providing the plant-level assessment necessary to precisely grow crops to any desired specifications with maximum control.