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Providing High Resolution Crop Data Farmers Need to Breed Better Plants

Our computer vision algorithms are designed to detect and measure phenotypes automatically, and our sensor localization and canopy mapping allow for a high level view of phenotypes of interest.





The Wand


The key to unleashing the full potential of your harvest, the Wand is bringing computer vision and artificial intelligence to the world of cannabis.

The Wand identifies the optimal time to harvest each flower, optimizing the desirable compounds in the flower and allowing for previously unobtainable consistency from plant to plant.




Wintermute is a general purpose camera system for collecting high quality images in agricultural environments. Collected images can feed crop-specific artificial intelligence methods that extract measurements such as crop yield, maturity, or disease incidence.





Phenotypic detection

Computer vision algorithms designed to detect and measure phenotypes automatically


Sensor Localization + Canopy Mapping


Allows for a high level view of phenotypes of interest


Maturity Estimation

Synthetic depth of field images captured by The Wand (mouse-over)